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Nutty for coconut

Ladies, this is what you’ve been waiting for…

There’s a new stud in town ladies, and he’s sending people crazy…coo coo…and totally crackers! He’s an all round nice guy; one of those rare specimens that truly is the whole package. He’ssmooth as silk, sensual and smells amazing. He’s good for your body and your soul, and you can always count on him to make you feel
b-e-a-utiful. And boy oh boy, he is just so useful!

And never fear you graceful gals, he’s not afraid to share himself around either. In fact, he insists on it, and he encourages you to talk about him to all of your friends!

Are you curious yet? You better be listening carefully, because I’m just about to reveal this sensational superman’s name…

It is, of course, none other than Mr. Coconut Oil. You can call him Mr. Coco for short, although after he’s been around for a while you’ll probably have your own darling pet name for him. He tends to have that effect on people! Coco likes to think of himself as a jack-of-all-trades, and he is certainly not one to shy away from a tough situation. And if you think this all sounds too good to be true, read on for all of the juicy details of the reasons you’re sure to fall head over heels in love with this wholesome hunk…

Firstly, you know those areas on your body that you’re kind of self conscious about showing people? Perhaps a few wrinkles, an itchy patch of eczema, or maybe some horribly cracked feet? Well, Mr. Coco doesn’t judge, he will love you just the same. In fact, he insists on massaging himself into all of those wrinkles, cuts, bruises and any other body ailments you can think of. No place is too hard for him- the worse it is for you, the more exciting it is for him.

Secondly, Mr. Coco loves to make you feel really good about yourself. He gives you that natural energy- the kind you feel when you’re spending a day in the summer sun with all of your best friends. It is like being in that ‘honeymoon phase’- for life. All that he asks in return is that you keep giving him things to do!

Now for all of you mums out there, don’t worry about being left out! Mr. Coco loves kids. Especially babies. He loves them so much that he even wants to help you change their nappies! He gets a thrill over being able to fix your bubs diaper rash, and because he smells so delicious all the time, it makes change time a little less stinky too.

And another thing, I know it can be a bit of a sensitive topic, but the magnificent Mr. Coco can help you out with your weight management and weight loss (and let’s face it, we’re all going to need help in this department post Christmas/Silly Season). He has this unique ability to make youfeel like you’re less hungry, less often. You’ll never want to be an emotional eater again around this guy around!

As you’ve probably guessed by now, Mr. Coco very, very powerful indeed. And perhaps you are thinking that if he’s so good at all the tough, gritty jobs, he might be afraid to show his softer side.Well not Mr. Coco. He’s as metrosexual as the best of them. In fact, one of his favourite things to do is to help you do your hair and nails. He’ll give you a little head massage, and work those hands like they’ve never been worked before. Before you know it, you’ll be feeling like you’re a hand model working on a Pantene Ad!

Now, I could keep going on and on about all of the wonderful things you can do with Mr. Coco- but I think you get the picture. At the end of the day, he is just the kind of guy you want by your side. He’s caring but not clingy, sweet but not sticky and he’s the kind of hunk that makes you feel heavenly from your head to your heels. So go on ladies, pick up your jaws from the ground and go and get yourself some of that Mr. Coco. And remember, he loves nothing more than to be shared around between all of your friends, so don’t be greedy and share the love!

Sunburn Be Gone 27th Dec

Sunburn be gone with our friend the coconut

It’s summer time here in Australia. It’s that glorious time of year where families flock like seagulls to adventure parks and campsites and beach bums come out of hibernation for a few beautiful months. Where stubbies and singlet’s are the standard dress code for both day and night and the thong and sock tans are displayed proudly and shamelessly.

But inevitably, with this endless fun and blistering summer sun, no matter how much you slip, slop, slap- there is always one pesky sunburn that finds it way in to ruin a few of your blissful summer days. It may be that painful section on the top of your legs that gets scorched, or perhaps, even worse, that strip on the bottom of your stomach where shirt and shorts didn’t quite meet. Wherever it is, it hurts. It burns! It itches and it peels. And none of the above are fun things to go through when all you want to do is embrace the summer spirit. If you’re anything like a lot of Aussies out there, you’ll have the Aloe Vera plant on tap during these months, draining the juice out of those suckers like a vampire emptying it’s prey. However, the humble backyard greenery doesn’t always do the trick.

Coconut oil, on the other hand, is known for it’s smoothing and soothing properties- both of these GREAT for the flaming skin you’re now trying to strategically position in front of a fan. You see, coconut oil contains very important fatty components such as lauric and capric acid, which have been proven to decrease healing time as it promotes healthy skin growth. Its antibacterial properties are also great for
anti-inflammatory purposes, so you don’t feel like a giant lobster for quite so long. Apart from this, coconut oil also contains vitamin E, which is a well-known skin soother and moisteriser. If you slather it onto that nasty red skin, you will almost immediately feel a soothing sensation, kind of like that calm you feel when your hairdresser gives you a head massage. And the best thing about this natural remedy is, that when you’re skin has recovered from it’s tomatoey state, it’ll be feeling as smooth as a baby’s bottom. You’ll look and feel so good you’ll want to go and strut your stuff out on the beach for all to see…just remember to cover EVERYTHING in sunscreen this time!