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500ml Coconut Oil PI

Organic Virgin Cold Pressed Coconut Oil


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High quality organic virgin coconut oil is a great daily supplement for all members of the family including those with feathers and fur. Exciting new media trends are demonstrating the benefits of supplementing oils to pets to improve health and vitality, digestive function and coat (or feather) condition:

“Many diseases and ailments, like yeast infections, smelly coats, hot spots, cuts that have been infected, and even cracked paws, can all be cured with just a jar of “virgin coconut oil.” When all forms of diet remedies have failed, then it is time to try out this miracle natural medicine for your dog. Virgin coconut oil means that it is unrefined, and it can be used for both dogs and humans. Lauric acid, a medium chain fatty acid, can help prevent bacterial and viral infections. This is most commonly found in a mother’s milk and builds the immune system. Fortunately, dogs can benefit from the same kind of protection and health advantages it gives throughout their lives.”

Benefits of Coconut Oil for Dogs,

“Why it’s Good for the Inside of a Dog:
• Virgin coconut oil contains fatty acids such as lauric acid, which is also found in breast milk. Lauric acid has natural antibacterial properties.
• The anti-fungal properties of coconut helps prevent and treat Candida and other yeast infections.
• It improves digestive system function and enables better absorption of nutrients from the foods your dog normally eats.
• Coconut oil is also known to stimulate the thyroid gland which in turns helps maintain a healthy weight and activity level.
How it Can Help the Outside of a Dog:
• Coconut oil is a great moisturizer when applied to your dog’s skin, healing hot spots and rough cracked foot pads.
• You will notice overall improvement in your dog’s coat
• Inflamed and itchy skin from flea bites or sores benefit from this oil applied directly.
• Add it to your dog’s shampoo or rinse water to add a nice smell, and take advantage of its antioxidant properties.”
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http://youtube/ND8doiVSLDw Uploaded on Feb 21, 2011 – Dr. Karen Becker discusses the importance of coconut oil in your pet’s diet. Coconut oil is good for balancing good to bad bacteria issue. Coconut oil is also terrific moisturizer for animals with skin allergies, dry and flaky skins, cuts, sores, pets with thin coats, dry cut noses and other pet’s skin problems.

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